Beware of iliotibial band syndrome Injuries When Running And How to Overcome It

Activities run is the easiest activity if you want to exercise. You can do around the house or running on a treadmill. It is also the most inexpensive sport that is able to maintain a healthy heart and leg muscles.

Even so, this track also has the risk of injury when you do it. Based, one injury that can occur when running is iliotibial band syndrome. His name is rather difficult. Not only can happen because of running, injury can also occur if you do sports cycling, hiking or lifting weights because of excessive pressure.

When an injury occurs, you will feel pain around the outside of the knee or hip and. This happens because of the stress on the muscles of the hip to the knee so that the muscles tighten and swell. The fix, you must reduce the mileage run up to 50% of your ability and as much as possible not to run fast.

Compress sections pain can also be done. To prevent this, regularly practiced hips side to lift up or wax attitude. Practicing some movement associated with the strengthening of the hip will be better.

Well, all the sport certainly has a risk of injury, just how alone you overcome and prevent it from happening. Be sure to warm up properly to stretch the muscles and body get used to move before sprinting. Happy running Ladies.


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