How to train puppies of Golden Retriever? Follow these 5 ways!

How to train puppies of Golden Retriever? Follow these 5 ways. Golden Retrievers are a lively, intelligent and jovial race and are magnificent family peers. Few things are as lovely as a golden litter of puppies, but its charm should not exempt them proper training and learn to behave. The golden are an intelligent breed and learn quickly enjoying challenges.

How to train puppies of Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers

1. Start when they are young. Puppies go through different stages of learning, depending on their developmental age. From birth until they are about 4 weeks, the puppies do little more than eat and sleep.

The eyes, ears and nose are fully developed at about 4 weeks and begin to use them to play, to nibble and to lay the foundations of their rule.

Their personalities really start to also develop at this time, and the most outgoing puppies begin to show this domain. From 6 to 8 weeks, puppies can start a simple training routine that will help them prepare for adulthood.

2. Teach your golden retriever puppies basic skills is an important step in preparation and be happy healthy peers outside their area of birth.

While they are young, most puppies learn from their mother and siblings almost all social and life skills. Inhibiting bite, basic manners and social interaction with other dogs, are one of many very important skills your golden puppies when they learn to about 8 weeks.

However, you can pass on to the puppies a number of simple skills before weaning, which will help them adapt to their new homes once they have left the litter.

3. starts with education. One of the most basic skills that your golden retriever puppies can learn from small is where urinate. Dogs are naturally clean animals and do not like to pee where they eat or sleep.

Sets a specific area within the area where the puppies were born or where they live, so that the puppies can use the bathroom away from the area where they eat or sleep, and thus lay the foundation for their education.

Put a highly absorbent material, such as a carpet or newspaper for puppies in the area where they urinate, and encourage them to urinate there.

After each meal, take a treat or a toy to the area to urinate and encourage your golden puppies to use that area. Give them an order like "pee" and wait for smell and explore the area. Eventually they will catch the idea that urinate away from the sleeping area and eating is better, which fully educated and when they leave the litter will be much easier.

4. Healthy Eating Habits is another skill you can begin teaching your puppy since weaned to start eating solids. You should never allow the puppies to attack the food bowl and dipping into it.

Your puppy should learn to wait for your food and politely go to the bowl of food. Each time you go to feed them golden puppies, give them a calmly order.

Put the food bowl to the area of the puppies, but do not let them fall on him. Keep them away until the bowl is on the floor and you're away from it, then let them eat. You can increase the timeout to a few seconds, every time you feed them until the puppies calmly wait for your food.

5. Train them with collar and leash is another small step that little golden retriever puppies can learn before leaving the herd.

Many breeders use colored ribbons to identify the puppies in their droves when they are very small, so many are accustomed to feel something in his neck as they grow.

A necklace is fastened, small flat is best for young puppies because they are less likely to hurt themselves or hurt themselves with other necklaces.

Sit with the puppy and his favorite candy, and put the collar. Right and once you have the collar, reward him from sitting. Most puppies will scratch or throw the necklace, but get used to it quickly.

Continue training belt is also simple. Attach a lightweight leash to the collar and let the puppy drag it around until you feel no belt. Many puppies will try to bite or chew the leash, but quickly overcome their initial curiosity.

Once they have passed, pick up the leash and follow the puppy, so it is customary for someone to go walking behind him. Finally, the puppy will feel comfortable to be followed by anyone, and you can begin to encourage him to go in your direction.

Take a treat and while holding the leash, shun puppy. Show him the treat and gently pulls on the leash for the puppy go in your direction.

Reward him immediately as you walk up and make him much praise. In the end, all puppies get used to wearing a collar and leash, and follow step by step, which will make the life out of the herd much more pleasant.


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