It's 7 reasons why babies always cry every night

There are many things that make babies cry. But unfortunately, both the mother and caregivers often find it difficult to translate what the meaning behind the baby's crying. As a result, became more frequent crying baby.

Here are some reasons that make the baby cry as reported from

Pain was the main reason why your baby cries. In addition to some diseases that are really serious, there are some painful things that light is able to disrupt them. Such as insect bites, stomach pain, or even pain.

Just like human adults, infants also feel uncomfortable with the dirt they spend. Therefore you should put on their diapers than a diaper to keep them in order is not always wake up at night. Because it can interfere with the quality of their sleep.

Babies sometimes cry as their greeting. So that when they are hungry they will cry too. So you do not forget to feed and milk their schedule, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Require their mothers
When babies learn that their mother is not there next to them, then they will begin to feel worried and tense. That is why the baby would cry when they realize that their mother is not there next to them.

Want to be considered
To get the attention and affection, the baby will cry. But you can soothe them with a warm hug.

When the baby was tired and could not sleep, so usually the baby will cry. To fix this, you can make them feel comfortable by playing soothing lullabies.

Not comfortable with the environment
Environment is too noisy able to make the baby feel uncomfortable. Especially if it happens at night. That's why they cry because it's easy.

Crying is a baby's way to express how they feel and they want it. The above reasons are several reasons that make your baby cry. Therefore when your baby cries, do not panic first. If you know the cause, then you can handle it.