What is the best pet insurance for dogs?

Although our dog has been educated and trained a charm we can always bring us a scare. The animal may have unexpected behavior and break an object of great value, can I be involved in an accident and may be terminated or bite someone to be defending their territory or its owner.

Often, dog owners are not aware of the liability we acquire by incorporating a new partner to the family and it is not until something unexpected happens, when we realize the matter. We must be clear that, as owners, are solely responsible for any damages the animal could cause to third parties or property of others.

Although the dog go walking with another person, animal owners still the same owners and will be us who have to pay us take care of property damage and face legal action from the accident.

It is always advisable to have the dog covered by an insurance policy but, unless you are within the considered potentially dangerous dogs, is not mandatory. In Madrid and the Basque Country itself that the law requires all owners to hire such insurance.

Why ensure the dog?

As noted earlier, we can not be 100% sure that our dog does not see ever involved in any accident, so in this case is always better than cure.

Some reasons that ensure our dog:

1. In case of accident, the insurance usually covers veterinary costs including compensation.

2. In case of theft, insurance can compensate us.

3. In case of loss, the insurance takes care of inserting ads loss of animal.

4. Liability for any event.

5. Legal Defense.

6. In case of hospitalization owner, the insurance covers dog stay in a residence.

The owner can choose the type of policy that best suits your needs, especially depending on the breed of the animal and the share you want or can afford.

Insurance types

Insurers generally tend to offer three types of coverage for pets:

Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is established by law as mandatory for all those dogs considered as potentially dangerous. According to Law 50/1999, of 23 December, on the Legal Regime of Potentially Dangerous Animals tenure, the owners of these dogs are required to take the liability insurance for damages to third parties not less coverage to 120,000 €.

This liability insurance is provided by third parties and may be:

Basic: Covers the damages caused by the insured animal, the legal expenses and bonds arising as a result of such damages.

Comprehensive: Covers the same as the basic insurance but also includes service compensation for death or slaughter, veterinary care, lost or stolen.

Pricewise, commenting that rates can be highly variable from one company to the other. The insurance of a potentially dangerous dog can cost between about 70 and about 150 € per year, while a dog insurance not classified as such can cost between 35 and 75 € per year.

Liability Insurance for family and animals

This insurance covers everything related to family and housing, so some insurers offer the possibility of including pets. It covers all damages caused by the dog, for the children or any other family member.

If the dog is included in the insurance, the price of the policy will increase as the risk depends on whether the dog is considered dangerous or not, the price will be much higher. If our dog is considered potentially dangerous insurance can cost us up to 120 € more per month.

Household Multi-Risk Insurance

Some home insurance includes liability for damages that may cause a pet. Should take into account the limits of coverage because some policies specified in small print that does not take responsibility for the damage caused by pets in the absence of the owners, as well as being mandatory compliance with certain requirements, such as specifying race the animal, the microchip number and a photocopy of the immunization. Only if these requirements are in order, the dog may be secured.

If we have classified as potentially dangerous dog is important that the hedge is € 120,000 because if it is not, we will have to increase.

What do I need to ensure the dog?

To ensure the dog simply submit updated primer vaccination or European passport.
If the animal is of a race of value is necessary to attach documentation verifying it, like the pedigree, the invoice, the prizes won at exhibitions, titles by parents and all that can serve to help to catalog and evaluate the animal.

To ensure the dog is also required to be vaccinated Leptospirosis, Distemper, Hepatitis vaccine (triple) and parvovirus.

Finally, remark that in securing a dog insurance companies are very arbitrary and often decide for themselves what breeds are dangerous and what breeds no. That is, each company has its own list based on their experience.


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